Peer-reviewed articles

  • Navigation in a Space With Moving Objects: Rats Can Avoid Specific Locations Defined With Respect to a Moving Robot
    N. Ahuja, V. Lobellová, A. Stuchlík, E. Kelemen.
    2020 Front. Behav. Neurosci.,14:576350. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2020.576350

  • Neural and neuronal discoordination in schizophrenia: From ensembles through networks to symptoms
    B. Krajčovič, I. Fajnerová, J. Horáček, E. Kelemen, Š. Kubík, J. Svoboda, A. Stuchlík.
    2019 Acta Physiol (Oxf)., doi: 10.1111/apha.13282.(impact factor (if): 5.9)

  • Impairment of neural coordination in hippocampal neuronal ensembles after a psychotomimetic dose of dizocilpine
    E. Szczurowska, N. Ahuja, P. Jiruška, E. Kelemen, A. Stuchlík.
    2018 Progress in Neuropsychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry, 81: 275-283. doi: 10.1016/j.pnpbp.2017.09.013., (if 4.2)

  • Phencyclidine discoordinates hippocampal network activity but not place fields
    H.-Y. Kao, D. Dvořák, E. Park, J. Kenney, E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton.
    2017 J. Neurosci, 37(49): 12031-12049 (if 5.9)

  • Sleep enhances recognition memory for conspecifics as bound into spatial context
    A. Sawangjit, E. Kelemen, J. Born, M. Inostroza.
    2017 Front Behav Neurosci., 11: 28 doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2017.00028 (if 3.4)

  • Transient inactivation of the anterior cingulate cortex in rats disrupts avoidance of a dynamic object
    J. Svoboda, V. Lobellova, A. Popelikova, N. Ahuja, E. Kelemen, A. Stuchlik.
    2017 Neurobiol Learn Mem., 139: 144-148 (if 3.7)

  • Coordinating different representations in the hippocampus
    E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton.
    2016 Neurobiol Learn Mem., 129: 50-59 (i. 3.7)

  • Peripheral and central blockade of interleukin-6 trans-signaling differentially affects sleep architecture
    C.N. Oyanedel, E. Kelemen, J. Scheller, J. Born, S. Rose-John.
    2015 Brain Behav Immun., pii: S0889-1591(15)00235-4. doi: 10.1016/j.bbi.2015.07.001. (if 5.9)

  • Hippocampal corticosterone impairs memory consolidation during sleep but improves consolidation in wake state
    E. Kelemen, M. Bahrendt, J. Born, M. Inostroza.
    2014 Hippocampus., 24: 510-515 (if 4.6)

  • Role of slow oscillatory activity and slow wave sleep in consolidation of episodic-like memory in rats
    C.N. Oyanedel, S. Binder, E. Kelemen, K. Petersen, J. Born, M. Inostroza.
    2014 Behav Brain Res., 275:126-30. (if 3.4)

  • Key features of human episodic recollection in the cross-episode retrieval of rat hippocampus representation of space
    E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton.
    2013 PLoS Biology., 11(7):e1001607. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001607 (if 12.7)

  • Intravenous antiarrhythmic doses of lidocaine increase the survival rate of CA1 neurons and improve cognitive outcome after transient global cerebral ischemia in rats
    S.S. Popp, B. Lei, E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton, J.E. Cottrell, I.S. Kass.
    2011 Neuroscience, 192: 537-549 (if 3.2)

  • Dynamic grouping of hippocampal neural activity during cognitive control of two spatial frames
    E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton.
    2010 PLoS Biology, 8(6): e1000403. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000403 (if 12.7)

  • Stress-induced out-of-context activation of memory
    K. Ježek, B.B. Lee, E. Kelemen, K. McCarthy, B. McEwen, A.A. Fenton.
    2010 PLoS Biology, 8(12): e1000570. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000570 (if 12.7)

  • A hierarchy of neurobehavioral tasks discriminates between mild and moderate brain injury in rats
    S.G. Abdel Baki, H-Y. Kao, E. Kelemen, A.A. Fenton, P.J. Bergold.
    2009 Brain Res., 1280: 98-106 (if 2.6)

  • Is hippocampal theta rhythm related to cognition in a non-locomotor place recognition task?
    E. Kelemen, I. Morón, A.A. Fenton.
    2005 Hippocampus, 15(4): 472-479 (if 4.6)

  • Operant behavior can be triggered by the position of the rat relative to objects rotating on an inaccessible platform
    E. Pašťalková, E. Kelemen, J. Bureš.
    2003 PNAS, 100: 20942099 (if 9.8)

Other publications (book charapters, conference proceedings, etc)

  • The organization of neuronal discharge on timescales of milliseconds and seconds is related to the spatial response properties of hippocampal neurons
    E. Kelemen and A.A. Fenton.
    2013 Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics, (III), Ed: Y. Yamaguchi. Springer.

  • Sleep tight, wake up bright
    E. Kelemen and J. Born.
    2012 Nat. Neurosci., 15(10):1327-1329

  • What do place cells tell us about learning to associate and learning to segregate?
    E. Kelemen and A.A. Fenton.
    2008 Hippocampal Place fields: Relevance to learning and memory. , Ed: S.Y.I. Mizumori. Oxford University Press, New York

  • Artificial neural networks and artificial evolution as tools to study organization of spatial behavior in rats
    E. Kelemen.
    2001 Advances in Artificial Life: 6th European Conference, ECAL 2001. Ed: J. Kelemen, P. Sosik. Springer

Conference proceedings in languages other than English

  • Organizing distinct, concurrently relevant streams of information by coordinated activity of hippocampal neurons
    E. Kelemen and A.A. Fenton.
    2009 Kognice a umělý život IX (Cognition and Artificial Life) , Ed: J. Kelemen, V. Kvasnička, J. Rybar, Silesian University Opava (in Slovak language)

  • Information coding in the nervous system
    E. Kelemen.
    2004 Kognice a umělý život IV (Cognition and Artificial Life) , Ed. J. Kelemen, V. Kvasnička, Silesian University Opava (in Slovak language)

  • How are artificial neural networks useful in the study of spatial orientation in animals?
    E. Kelemen.
    2001 Kognice a umělý život (Cognition and Artificial Life) , Ed. J. Kelemen, V. Kvasnička, J. Pospíchal, Silesian University Opava (in Czech language)

Popular science publications

  • Relationship between environment and brain activity E. Kelemen. 2019 Vesmír , 98: 410-413 (in Czech language)

  • Navigation system of the brain K. Ježek, E. Kelemen. 2014 Vesmír , 94: 176-180 (in Czech language)

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  • A clock inside Neurospora E. Kelemen. 1998 Vesmír , 77: 32 (in Slovak language)