Our research group works within the Department of Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). NIMH was established in 2015 as a new, modern center oriented to research and clinical care in mental health. It provides in-patient and out-patient clinical care in all areas of psychiatry, including mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, dementia, and sleep disorders. Clinical care is combined with clinical and pre-clinical research into the neurobiological mechanisms of brain diseases and psychiatric disorders. NIMH aims to become the Czech national reference institution for the field of mental health. The founding of NIMH was made possible by a project financed by the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by the Czech government.

Department of Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology:

The department's research program focuses on sleep, circadian rhythms and their disturbances. Sleep is studied in humans as well as in experimental animals. The main interest is to improve the diagnostics and treatment of patients with sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, with emphasis on the detection of early stages of the disease, long-term monitoring and preventive potential of early interventions. Several research projects focus on non-clinical populations, especially on circadian preferences and sleep habits.

Research facilities of the institute include electroencephalogram and functional magnetic resonance imaging facilities, human sleep laboratories, biochemical laboratories, laboratories for animal behavioral and electrophysiological research, surgery, and an animal housing facility.