• Brain and Behavior, New York University Prague, E. Kelemen, in English language
  • Information processing in neurons and neural networks of the brain (Zpracování informace v neuronech a neuronových sítích mozku), Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, E. Kelemen, in Czech language
  • Neurobiology of behavior and memory, (Neurobiologie chování a paměti), Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague, E. Kelemen with Professor Aleš Stuchlík and collaborators, in Czech language

  • Diploma thesis and Ph.D. dissertation

    We are welcoming students at all levels of curriculum – Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. In our laboratory students can:

  • Learn and use advanced electrophysiology techniques that allow the study of the activity of single neurons and neuronal populations in awake animals performing cognitive tasks
  • Gain experience designing and performing animal behavior research
  • Learn about sleep research
  • Study cognitive and neuronal changes in animal models of brain diseases

  • Research projects currently offered to students include:

  • Neuronal representation of social interactions in rats
  • Building a hippocampal representation of an integrated spatial map of a complex environment in rats
  • Role of sleep in creating a spatial representation of complex environment in humans
  • Changes in cortical neuronal activity in an animal model of obsessive-compulsive disorder